First Day of School!

Eek! I am so sick of name labels & uniform adjustments, but the day has finally come! My little boy has started on a new adventure. Luca has been counting down the days all summer, and could not wait for today! He is definitely ready for school and he looked so smart in his uniform (I wonder how long that will last?! Friday?!)

I know that this can be an anxious time for parents too, and it’s hard not to show that at the school gates. (I blubbed, everyone else seemed ok!) Everyone talks about how quickly they grow up, and it’s so true. It doesn’t seem so long ago that he started to crawl and took his first steps, and now here he is in his school blazer, off on the next stage of his journey. Wow!

If you have little ones starting school this week, I hope they really enjoy meeting their new friends, and I hope you are all coping!

Luca first day of school

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